Started as a Side Hustle

Built from home with my passion for sharing information

Ever since I’ve grown up I’ve been around computers, the internet and technology has always been an interest of mine. I grew up in a big house where I remember connecting up the computers with Ethernet cables. This passion for connecting each other with information remains in me till this day.

As a result of this, I want to help get everyone connected with information and technology. One group of people that I see without access to technology to connect with others are the homeless. Smartphones that now can make calls and text over wifi are super cheap. I want to put them into the hands of homeless people. I’ve started a GoFundme page to get this project started, please take a look and make a donation.

Since leaving school I’ve worked in a few different jobs and building websites for people has usually been my side hustle. I was always interested to design and build something that can be shared around the world. Often, I was learning how to code and make websites in my spare time and build small project from what I learned.

Start of the Company

As you can see it’s become less of a side hustle and now it’s a freelance design company to help small businesses in the UK. My business was just in my name to start with, then it was ‘Be Web Responsive’ because we want to design websites that works across devices. It’s now called BWR Web Design as an acronym of this, making it clearer what the company does.

Web Designer in Bournemouth
David Jenner web Design
My Mission from Now On

Over the past several years websites have become a lot more versatile than ever, with increasing use on mobile and tablet devices. Also, it’s never been more important that your website are competitive, clear, informative and well-designed. It’s my passion from the start that I keep all this in mind and that I keep my knowledge of web design up to date.

I want to help business customers create their online presence that they in vision, and maybe a little more. I’m just one person and can’t be skilled in all of this, so I want to subcontract in skilled people in areas I’m not so strong in. With this collaborative approach to working other freelancers, I can keep costs low and deliver better results to help meet customer needs.

My ambitions and aspirations are high, I want to contunie help and support business meet their goals. I want to keep working remotely doing what I love and help others to do what they love as well have time to spend with my family. I plan for this to be not just me being a ‘freelancer’ but a proud small business owner.