Design and UX

Connect with your Audience

When creating a website we understand that it is important for it to speak clearly and empathically with the correct audience. We want to help you create that strong connection using analysis and user testing on your website.

We all interact with websites in different ways and some things might cause confusion to others. It’s important to test the website so users understand how to navigate without getting ‘stuck’ when using your website. There are companies such as UserTesting that enable you to get your website tested by an average person or specific type of person. I’ve read great books on user testing such as Don’t Make Me Think, which every web designer should read.


The book covers how a website should not make anyone have to question what any part of the site does. Everything should be clear and easy to navigate to every part of the website. If for example your websites has a page listing the jobs, you need to consistently call it jobs, rather then careers or vacancies.