Frequently Asked Questions

You may have a lot of questions regarding the design and development of your website, that’s understandable.

How I work and why?

I work from home in Bournemouth, Dorset as it’s efficient and low cost with no commuting. For existing clients who live near me if then we can arrange to meet in person during your web design project.

How much do you charge?

I can design a basic WordPress website for a one-off cost to help you get started. For more advanced websites with payment features, contact me and we can discuss a quote. You can also pay monthly for hosting and on-going support and 123-reg premium hosting.

What is WordPress go for?

WordPress.org the content management system, can do a whole host of things. It’s more than just a simple blogging platform and is great for small to medium businesses. You can setup user login accounts, secure online payments and online shops. You can also customise the theme to match the style of your business and upgrade it as your business grows.

How do your monthly retainers work?

We host and help with maintenance and design changes on our 123-reg premium server. Don’t worry, it will be agreed that you will have full access at all times, and if it’s not for you then you can have everything back after the contract.

As we will charging you a much smaller fee than the cost of running the premium servers and we strive to do good work, we hope you will want to stay.

Do your website work on mobile & tablet devices?
Yes, for sure! We live in the 21st century and mobile use is as important as on desktop. Websites designed with code and software tools that adapt to different screen sizes. This means that your website will look great on desktop, tablet and mobile.
To make sure your website looks good everywhere, I like to test how it looks and works on mobile devices as I work. This is known as responsive web design and has become a factor of how well your website can rank in Google.
Can I setup secure payments on my website?
Yes, I can help you set up a security certificate on your website known as an SSL Certificate. That allows for secure card payments within your website.
A whole host of payment features can be set up into WooCommerce for merchant payments. These include free options such as PayPal and Stripe. There are also more advanced ones used by retailers such as SagePay.
Can we make advanced/ custom websites like a leading UK business?

We mainly build websites with WordPress and Shopify themes that can be advanced enough for most small businesses. Building a WordPress website from scratch is usually unnecessary and more money.

What does WooCommerce offer?
WooCommerce is a free and easy to use an e-commerce plugin you can integrate with WooCommerce. There are a host of free and premium store extensions with rich features.
This gives more functionality including cross-selling, up-selling, product variations, payment subscriptions, and more.
How do you like to be paid?

For now, payments are taken via bank transfer or standing order to the bank account Monzo. Full details will be included in the invoice and again via WhatsApp and we can notify you when received.

Can WordPress theme be changed and upgraded?

For sure, you can easily upgrade your theme with a new theme from ThemeForest. WordPress is very versatile and great for nearly all small to medium businesses. If you want something more advanced to meet your needs, you can get a developer to work on for you.