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Website Design Costs in 2022

One of the first questions I get asked when a new customer calls my company is: How much will the website cost?

This is a difficult one to answer as – “it depends”. However unlike many other web designers I want to make it as clear as possible.

The most obvious reason that there isn’t a clear answer is that every website is different in the way it looks and works. Some websites just want the basics and some need more time and skill to create, and this all factors into the cost.

I’m sure it’s not the first time you’ve thought about buying something where there are different cost factors. There’s also a value in the time and skill that went into it and what you can get out of it. I would hope to make your website a good investment for you and your business.

Think about it, how many of us are searching the internet every day that might want to buy your products or services. Why miss out on this with a sub-standard website. Your website is the number one marketing tool to get your business going.

If you’re just getting started and are looking for a rough idea on what web design prices are then I will explain below. With smaller projects, half is paid at the start and half at the end, and bigger projects are paid in instalments.

The usual prices of my websites are between £600 – £1200 per build. This does not include hosting or on-going support. These vary from the simple brochure websites to more advanced eCommerce or booking websites.

Brochure Websites – From £800

Typically with no fancy features, just images and text with a contact form. These are faster for me to build as I’ve made websites like this many times before. There are ‘no hidden costs’ involved, only if you want paid features they are not included for free.

  • Brochure website (template) with approx 5 pages: approx £800-1000 and 10 pages: approx. £1000-1200. 


Premium Websites – From £1000

This would be the same as the above with no fancy interactive features, only you want it to look really stylish. This will allow me some room to buy some nice looking fonts and images for you. Anything £1000 and over will be paid in instalments throughout the project.

  • Premium website (template) with approx 5 pages: approx £1200-1400 and 10 pages: approx. £1400-1600. For anything larger: approx. £1600 – £1800 depending on what’s involved.
    Web Design Bournemouth

    Small Online Shops – From £1000

    This is a small online shop with up to 10 products and the features for customers to purchase online. Anything £1000 and over will be paid in instalments throughout the project.

    • Online shop with 1-10 products and 1-10 pages: approx £1000-1200
    • Online shop with 11-20 products and 11-20 pages: approx £1200-1600

    Medium to Large Online Shop – From £1400

    This is a small online shop with over 20 products and the features for customers to purchase online. Anything £1000 will be paid in instalments throughout the project.

    • Medium online shops with 21-50 products and 21-50 pages: approx £1400-£1600
    • Medium online shops with 51-100 products and 51-100 pages: approx £1600-£2000
    • Larger online shops with over 100 products, and 100+ pages: approx £2000+

    Custom /Advanced Add ons

    These add ons will be charged on top of the type of website you’re looking for above. This means if you’re looking for a premium website with booking, you add these costs together.

    • Simple online booking system – no payments: approx. £100, with payment: Approx £200-300. Possibly per year depending on the system being used.
    • More advanced booking systems: Approx £300-400. Possibly per year depending on the system being used.

    Starter and Everything Plan

    I’m offering an ‘Everything Plan’ with all the features I can offer your website all at once including hosting and support for a year. These are paid in three instalments throughout the year. This is so that I have enough cost at the start to cover all the tools I need.

    • Starter plan: £1499 paid in three instalments
    • The Everything Plan: £2199 paid in three instalments

    Please Note: These prices are rough estimates and given at the time of writing (Feb 2021)

    Get a Free Quote

    I’m offering a free no-obligation chat to discuss your next web design project. Just get in touch via email on the contact page or give me a ring and I’ll be happy to help.

    What Other Costs Are There?

    Web Hosting – £200 Per Year

    As you might already know, a website needs a space on the internet (or the cloud) to be hosted. Essentially another computer that stores your website files and loads it on your computer. Website hosting from here isn’t free or cheap but it loads fast and is a good investment.

    My hosting is powerful and loads from a fast UK server. This means your site will load in about 1-3 seconds compared to say 5-7 seconds with cheap shared hosting elsewhere. Nobody likes a slow loading website, we like everything instant now. As this is a private server and not shared with thousands of others it’s unlikely to have issues with downtime.

    Domain Regsitration – Approx, £5 – £20 per year

    Domain names, as you might know, are not a set price, most of them are about £5-£20 per year. In rare occasions, some are more (maybe even a lot more) and if yours is more it will be charged at that price

    Email Hosting – £20 per year

    This is where your company email address will match your domain name. It will be an easy win to look professional for your customers.

    SSL Certificates – £20 per year

    This is the padlock you see next to the website address and is expected of websites today. This is to protect your information online and it helps to prevent your website from being hacked. If your site takes personal details this is essential on your website. 

    SEO Support – Approx £60 – £180 per month / £40-£60 per hour

    All of the websites are built with search engines in mind. They use modern code and have the tools you need for Google to list it – on page one hopefully.

    The websites I design are built using WordPress, which is very Google search friendly. If you need proof, my site is WordPress site and ranks on page one with other WordPress websites. 

    I’m not promising you that I get you to rank first and I’m not going to use any underhand techniques with only short term benefits. What I will do is work with you to understand where you want to rank and research your market and help you outrank them.

    Maintenance & Support – Approx. £60 – £180 per month / £40 -£60 per hour

    Once your website is live, that’s just the beginning. I’m here to help you improve your site for as long as you need.

    As with anything technical or ever-changing such as growing a business it needs regular on-hand assistance. Maybe you need to add or change some things on the website or there is a technical issue. I’m happy to help and even remote access your computer and show you how it’s done right in front of you. 

    Content Creation

    As of the time being there is no in-house copywriter to write your content. So you will either have to supply it or pay someone to write it for you.

    Can I get a website for free or for £100?

    Yes, this is all very possible for you and good if you can’t afford to pay a professional website designer. You need to keep in mind your website and its first impressions are the most important marketing tool you have. 

    There are a few sites now where you can set up a website yourself. You might have heard of Wix but personally, I recommend Weebly as a free web building platform.

    These all offer you easy to use templates but you still need to spend the time setting it all up, designing it and adding your content.

    It’s usually the case that you get what you pay for, and if you go hunting for something cheap it costs you more in the long run. Often customers come to me after having seen the appeal of the cheap price of using something like Wix. However, after seeing the limitations and the cheap and rigid layout soon end up looking for something more professional.

    A more professional looking website will likely rank much better in Google and make you more business. Think about how often you search for something in Google and end up on an amateur looking website, it almost never happens. These types of websites are more of hobbyists and are not best optimised for search engines. 

    The websites built here are designed and developed using WordPress. This is a well-known and trusted platform for small businesses across the world. It’s very often that most top ranking websites are WordPress sites. This is because they are modern and display well on mobile devices. This is an important factor nowadays as I’m sure you would expect.

    Maybe some freelancers in the UK can try to lure you in with a cheap price but it’s unlikely it will be done with a great deal of care and attention. If they are charging a cheap price, it’s likely a reason it’s so cheap. If this is the case, you’ll only end up having to pay more for it to be re-designed to the standard you were hoping for.

    If you want a professional website for free or cheap it’s not what I’m offering. My services are skilled and not rushed, so they shouldn’t be free or cheap. It’s not ideal for me and it’s not ideal for you either, websites should be about trust and investment.

    These are questions you should really think about if your goal is looking for the cheapest options: 

    • Do you want your website to be found on Google?
    • Do you want your site to display on mobile devices?
    • Do you want your business to look professional online?
    • Do you want your website to be secure and build trust?
    • Do you want a website that can offer good value and return?

    Hopefully this has helped give you a clear idea and understanding of how much a website costs and why.  Also, it’s important to consider why you should value a website for what it can do to help your business. 


    If you still have questions about how much your website will cost, please do contact me for a quote and I will be happy to help.